Destination Brand Photography

Maybe your business takes you travelling across the country or the world. Or perhaps you feel like the soul of a nomad is within you and wanderlust keeps pulling you places so often that travel is part of your identity. Or it could simply be you live in an area where either winter (like me) or summer are harsh. That makes the idea of getting branding photos taken outside simply not an appealing option. If this sounds like you, then perhaps a destination branding shoot is a good fit for you.

Build Your Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand is just that – it’s personal. If you’re doing business across many countries, wouldn’t it make sense for your visual branding to reflect that breadth of expertise? Imagine how amazing it would be to have photos from your favorite destinations or cities to share on your website and social media feeds. Oh, and you have enough of them that it’s not a scramble each week to find new images. That’s where destination brand photography makes sense.

In a destination shoot, I find amazing locations for the photos. Then I arrange hair and make-up artists to help you look your best, and act as your guide through the day. Whether it’s shooting at iconic locations or finding a stunning Airbnb to act as a primary setting, we can design a shoot that truly captures your interests and aligns with your brand. We can have a blast creating three months worth of content in one day in an inspirational location with no distractions. Then afterwards go out and enjoy all that locale has to offer.

Turn-Key Destination Brand Shoot

The easiest way to do this is to meet me some place I’m already going to be. I try to get truly amazing accommodations to make the day of the shoot as easy as possible. Whether it’s a large alpine chalet in Park City Utah, a coastal retreat in the Outer Banks, or a vineyard villa in Tuscany, some of the destinations offer both the perfect backdrop for your photos and a great place to stay. This takes some of the stress out of planning the trip. it also makes the day of the shoot so much easier. And during a week when I have multiple shoots it may also offer great networking opportunities. Think of it as a private members-only Bed and Breakfast. Oh – and I can cook pretty well too!

For 2020, some destinations includes St. Augustine in January, Pensacola / Gulf Shores in February, and Salt Lake City in June. My goal is to work in eight to twelve cities per year to create a nice variety of options for crafting your brand imagery. Simply meet me there and I’ll handle the rest.

Custom Destinations Just for You

The other option is I can make a trip to a location specifically for your shoot. Whether that’s Philadelphia or Paris, St. Louis or Shanghai, we can work out a plan to get awesome images for strengthening your brand. We’ll put together a detailed plan and discuss options to get the images from your destination brand photography shoot that tell your story in a way that connects you to your ideal customer.

Business Excuse to Travel

Maybe this is simply a good excuse to get away and justify part of it as a marketing expense. I love Pittsburgh, but the typical gray rainy day in winter doesn’t make for awesome photos most of the time. And then perhaps it is just simply part of the fabric of your brand.

Whatever the case, let’s talk about where we can meet and craft some amazing images just for you. Then use those pictures to help you make more money through connecting with the right potential customers. Show them how awesome you are – make them want to be part of your world. You might be amazed in how much they’re willing to invest in your personal brand and what it represents. Safe Travels.

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