Personal Branding Questionnaire

Be willing to push people away.⠀

Think of your best client. How does it feel to work with that person? You probably look forward to the interactions and leave feeling energized.

Now think of one of your most challenging clients. Likely the feelings of frustration and the feeling of having to carefully craft what you write or say come to mind. You might even have had some red flags early on in the interaction that you ignored. Now every time you see their name on your phone or in your email you say a little prayer before acting.⠀

Fun Client

Lesson Learned

I was recently on a shoot with someone that I respect as a person and entrepreneur. But they are not my ideal client. One of the things we discussed was how much most of my clients really enjoy the personal branding questionnaire they complete when we’re planning their shoot, but for this particular client it was a chore.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
That discussion led to me changing some of my client workflows. Before I set a date with you, I’ll send you my planning questionnaire. If that’s too much for you – then you’re probably not my ideal client. Because I want to work on crafting stories to help you connect with your target audience.

Completing personal branding questionnaire
Completing the personal branding questionnaire takes some time and thought, but it is worth it for the resulting images that really connect to your ideal client.

Preparation is the key for great branding images

If you can’t invest the small amount of time to help me understand your brand vision and give me a starting point to craft the shoot, I’m not going to feel like I can do my best work, and honestly I’m not sure you’ll be fully invested in the shoot either.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
This isn’t about the money. Its about emotion. Feeling. Because honestly, if you’re not emotionally invested in your photo shoot you’re not going to resonate with your ideal client in the resulting images.

So, here’s my pre-shoot personal branding questionnaire. If you’d like to discuss more, reach out and say hello. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
How do you filter out the wrong people early in your sales process?

Personal Branding Questionnaire

Your Basic Info






Business Name:

Website URL:

Have you done a Pinterest Board or Inspiration Board when thinking about a Branding Session?  Please post a link here:

Let’s talk about your business!

If we were at a cocktail party, how would you explain what you do?

Who is your ideal client or target customer?  Tell me everything you know about him or her. 

Is she a working mom?  Does he wear a suit to the office?  Are they small town or big city?  How do they unwind and where do they hang out?  What are they looking to achieve when they hire you?

What problem do you solve for your client?  It can be as simple as “I help them do…..” something.  But if you have more, feel free to share.  The better I understand what your client needs from you the better your photos will connect with them.

What THREE words would you like your clients or customers to use when describing your business?

Your Website

Do you have any “inspiration sites”?  Websites that you really like and get design inspiration from?  If so, tell me what you like about each one.

What is the current (or planned) color palette for you website?

Imagine your dream website.  What sections does it include?  A Q&A for business strategies?  Favorite recipes or venues for an event?  Travel destinations?  A blog?

If you are currently working with a web designer or branding agent, I’d love to connect with them.  This way we can be sure to get all the images they envision for your brand!

Your Brand and Visuals

Is there anyone in your industry (or similar industry) that you admire?  Who and what do you admire about them?

Are than any brands that you just truly LOVE right now?

Any specific photo ideas your have for your site or social media?  List as many as you like.  It will give us ideas to get started!

Are there any specific places you are drawn to for you photo shoot?  Do you have access to or a connection at any of the locations?  For example, I recently did a shoot for a sports writer, and we got access to the hockey rink for a few shots.

More About You!

Almost done.  Great personal branding photos are about being yourself and “authentic”.  What five words would friends and family use to describe you?

Tell me a few random things that have nothing to do with your business.  (For me it might be that I once thought of becoming a professional fisherman, I’ve played guitar in front of 50,000 people, and my wife and I use an old wood and canvas canoe every summer.)

Anything else you’d like me to know?

Thanks so much!  We’re going to have a great time creating some incredible images for you!

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