Personal Branding for Insurance Agents

When I talk to people about personal branding, many of them initially think it doesn’t apply to them. But everybody has a personal brand. Whether or not you are actively managing it is another question. Recently I had a chance to do a personal branding shoot for insurance agents at Bridge Insurance Group in Canonsburg, PA.

Professional Headshots

Almost every photo shoot that I do includes headshots. A modern, updated and current headshot is the cornerstone of an effective brand. No selfies or stuffy institutional pictures will connect to your potential customers the way a customized photo will. So for B.I.G.,I tied in some of their brand colors into the headshots while capturing some of their personality.

Team Branding Photos

During the shoot I made sure we captured some group photos of their team. They had some great ideas and some fun things they could do. I also captured some photos of their interaction during one of their typical training days. It was surprising to learn how much training goes into being a great insurance agency every year!

Branding Photos

During the course of the shoot, I also captured many branding photos to be used both for the agency as a whole and also for the agents to use as their own personal branding photos to help build their personal success in the agency.

Many of these were simply acting out the typical interactions of their day. As usual everyone really enjoyed the process. As the shoot progressed more and more creativity was being exhibited by the team.

That’s one of the benefits of a longer session – not only do you get more images, but everyone becomes more relaxed, and the final images are even more natural looking. Ultimately they tend to connect to your audience just a little better.

Building Your Brand

Branding photos are more than just headshots and team pictures. I capture what it might feel like to work with you so potential clients can build trust and be confident that they know what to expect from you and your business.

You also need both horizontal and vertical photos for flexibility of use. I give you photos with plenty of “white space”, or room to write copy to be used for graphics and marketing.

My goal is to help you make more money. Many people are leaving money on the table because their images just do not connect to their potential customers with any sort of emotion.

If you’re ready to create some professional, customized images for your business or personal brand, reach out and let’s start the conversation. The initial consultation and branding review are free.

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