Personal Branding Photos for Fitness Coaches

I recently created personal branding photos for fitness coach Corri Dockum, who is a Fitness and Nutrition coach outside of Pittsburgh, PA. You can find her on Instagram at @corridockum_fitnessnutrition.

Everyone has a personal brand, and everyone can benefit from actively managing their brand. When you work with me, I take the time to learn about your business and your goals. The journey from discussing a possible photoshoot to actually doing the photos with Corri took about 10 weeks.

Everyone Needs a Headshot

Literally as I was working on the photos for Corri, a family member reached out to me and said “I need a headhsot for a newspaper article.” THIS is why I always start with headshots. It also puts you at ease so the rest of the photos look and feel more natural. Headshots by definition are usually more formal. Here’s a couple photos from Corri’s shoot.

Corri Dockum – Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Focus on Nutrition

The next segment we did was focusing on healthy food prep and healthy choices. I always encourage clients to have multiple looks for a given shoot. This gives you a chance to have a much larger variety in your library of images. Corri worked with two different meal prep scenarios, and I think three different outfits. I did an assortment of what some might call “lifestyle” shots, but for her it’s really part of her brand.

I also did several close-up, detail shots, and finally we used various lighting scenarios to create different levels of drama and contrast in the images. So in almost the same setting, we might get two very different feeling shots, simply by varying the lighting.

Lifestyle Photos – or Personality Themes

For each client, I try to learn about some personality details. This is personal branding, after all. These are elements that reveal a little more of WHO you are to potential clients. People like to do business with people the can identify with. They will more likely spend MORE money with some that they think “gets them.”

This is why i try to develop some story lines or themes for your shoot. It’s also why I ask questions like “Is it on-brand for wine bottles to be in this shot?” For me, craft beer is a big part of my identity. But I like to make sure whatever we include i the images is building and focusing your brand identity.

Corri loves to read, loves her dog, and is often curled up under a blanket in her sweats. So that was the next series of photos we completed.

Fitness Branding Photos

The last series of photos – and the bulk of our work together that day – were taken in the gym. We went through several exercises, and at least 5 different outfits. I also worked with various lighting. We had also discussed maybe creating some “edgier” photos, so I did a grittier edit to some of the images.

Choosing the Final Images

I try to spend some time showing you the photos during the shoot. I get some guidance on what you are liking and what isn’t resonating, even if I personally like them. After the shoot, I edit a selection of photos to represent what the final photos will look like.

Then I send all the raw photos, along with the sample edits, to you as the client. You pick your favorites. Then I edit the final selections. The goal of taking a few extra steps of communication is to get you photos you absolutely love.

Using Your Photos

I love it when my clients tag me on social media. I also really enjoy tagging them when I use their photos. When I do photos for you, they include a full commercial license. So whether it’s advertising, for a book cover, using the photos in a paid course you create, or sharing them all over Instagram and Facebook, you can do with them as you please.

Since the goal of branding photos is to help you make more money, tagging each other in posts is very beneficial. But with the commercial license, you are free to make as much as you want from using the images I help you create to grow your business.

Building Your Brand Through Images

During our pre-shoot planning, Corri shared the following:

 I do personalized training sessions and nutrition coaching to help women reach their fitness goals.  My ideal client is a woman in her mid-twenties to mid- fifties. She is ready to make a lifestyle change. She wants to develop new, healthier eating habits, and get into a workout routine and needs help. She may already have a good grasp on fitness but now she is ready to take her program to the next level. 

She also provided a series of inspiration images and brands in the planning process. Our periodic conversations to plan her shoot resulted in images she truly loves. Many more images than I could post in this one article. She has about three months of content from a one-day shoot.

We’re both looking forward to our next shoot. I now have several clients that have indicated they want to do sessions every 2-4 months. When you’re ready to take your visual brand to the next level, I’ll be ready to make you look awesome too.

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