Just the Best Personal Branding Content

Well, at least my best personal branding content.

I create more than one thing a day…

Every month, I create at least 40 pieces of content. My current schedule in April looks like at least 60 different media items. Currently I post on Instagram 6 days a week, LinkedIn 3 days a week, I write a blog post weekly. That’s about 40 right there.

Then there’s the handful of Facebook posts. The occasional video – with more increasing. I’ve started doing a daily live stream weekdays at 11:30 am Eastern. That “show” will start becoming a podcast in the future. I have already had requests to make “micro-content” from the daily live show.

It’s conceivable that in a couple months, I’ll be creating upwards of 100 pieces of content every month!

This doesn’t include announcements about upcoming photo-shoot destinations (once travel resumes) where you can meet me and get branding photos done someplace awesome without paying the added cost of my travel. I also try to work out some good lodging deals for those who don’t mind sharing a house. Honestly – it makes the shoot so much easier to have the extra time to hang out, get to know each other, plan, and coordinate at the destination.

That also doesn’t include the free training material I develop either.

Information overload?

Wow, that’s a lot of information! Honestly, I don’t even keep up with all of it – if someone likes something from 3 weeks ago and comments on it – or better yet references “my recent post” in an email – I often have a little investigative work to figure out what the topic was!

That’s why I started a newsletter. I grab the top content from my various media outlets and deliver it to your inbox each month. After sending the first issue, I actually got thank you messages for the newsletter. I was shocked! Here are a few of the comments I got from the April Newsletter so far:

I like the content! Really fun and engaging. Your personality comes through. I like how you are featuring clients as well as including quotes from others.

I like it and feel like its your voice speaking to me as I read it- which I really like.

This is gorgeous! Very engaging and fun to look at.

Thank you for all you are sharing with me! I’m soaking it up!

“Best Of” content

I had originally planned to write about some upcoming destinations this week. But those trips aren’t happening this year due to COVID-19. SO i decided to focus more an just truly creating a a recap of my best personal branding content. Since the response to the newsletter was so positive, I decided to write a post about it, and create a specific link for you to opt-in from the blog. Future months will have information about upcoming destinations too!

You can check out April’s Newsletter HERE, and if you’re interested in my monthly “Best Of” you can sign up here.

Stay Safe. Take this time to focus on creating something positive for the future. If want to chat, reach out: aaron@thepersonalbrandphotog.com .

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