7 Signs you are ready to invest in Personal Brand Photos

How can you know it’s time to have your own personal brand photos?

Maybe you’ve been in business for a while and things are going well.  Perhaps you’re more of a start-up, but you still have some leads coming in.    

And you’re active on social media, but know that you could probably up your game a bit.  Oh, and you’ve love to attract clients that are just a little more invested in you than how much you cost.  Too many people ask for a price and then you never hear from them again.  Sound familiar?

Early in my photography career, I struggled with the frustration of losing work to lower priced options.  But honestly, the only time price is an advantage is when you can comfortably be the lowest price.  So when I learned to focus on adding more value and serving on a higher level, I stopped having the price discussion very often.

This is what personal brand photography is all about.  Capturing the value and the things you do that make working with you extra special.  It’s all those moments of fun, your sense of style, and how you connect with your clients that will set you apart.

So, how do you know you’re ready to invest in branding photos?  Here’s my quick list.

1. You own a business

Whether you’re the president of the business you created, or you’re a freelancer or solo-preneur, you can benefit from personal brand photos.  Also, if you’re someone who largely works on commission, you might as well think of yourself as an entrepreneur. 

And in any market, there’s competition.  And you don’t want to be average; you want to stand out and be one of the best.  Some of the top industries that come to mind for personal branding sessions are: 

  • Insurance Agents
  • Event planners
  • Fitness experts, nutritionists & personal trainers
  • Real estate professionals/Realtors
  • Winery/brewery owners
  • Boutique owners
  • Restaurant owners and chefs
  • Authors
  • Creatives and professionals with online portfolios (yes I do shoots for other photographers too!)
  • Freelancers of all kinds – it’s a good way to stand out!
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Hair and make-up professionals
  • Flower shops
  • Interior Designers
  • Attorneys
  • Healthcare professionals (doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc.)
  • Jewelry store owners
  • Any Small businesses with more to show than head shots

2. You don’t want to compete on price

Competing on price is always a race to the bottom.  It makes you, your product, and your services a commodity.  It makes you replaceable and non-essential.  So how do you avoid pricing wars?

To start with, you focus on value.  Focus on what sets you apart from the competition.  You focus on the things that cannot be duplicated about what you offer.  Get specific about the transformation your clients experience when they choose you and your business.

Wondering what those things are?  Here’s a hint:  it all starts with you.  The most unique thing you have going for you is who you are.  It cannot be duplicated. 

So highlight what makes working with you special?  What do your clients absolutely love about your business?  And what subject are you an authority on? 

Those are the details of your personal brand that you then capture in your images when you invest in branding photos.  

3. You are tired of trying to find images for your posts

Anyone who has spent time posting on social media has felt that pull to procrastinate when you just don’t have an image you want to post.  So it ends up taking you longer to find the right image than it does to actually write the post.

Or, maybe you simply don’t post consistently because you don’t always have the right images.

And maybe you’re like me, and you just don’t love the stock-looking images that don’t 100% feel like your brand.  

4. You want to get the attention of your Ideal Client and stand out

You know who your Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) is; you know where they are.  And you KNOW they can benefit from your product or service.

You also have an idea of what their hopes, fears, and dreams are.  You completely appreciate where they’re coming from and why what you offer helps them achieve their next goal or dream.

When you have this level of intimate understanding and passion for your clients, it makes it easy to think of ideas for your personal brand photos that will instantly make them say “Oh, I gotta work with this person!”

Personal brand Photo for insurance agents

5. You care about your clients

This might sound odd, but not everyone does.   But when you understand that by not putting yourself out there you are actually depriving your potential customers of something that would enhance their life, you start to appreciate that you are almost compelled to do whatever it takes to get your message in front of them. And great brand photos will help get their attention.  

You’re doing it for them as much as you are for yourself.  This is not a self-centered action – it’s actually just the opposite!

6. You are proud of what you do

Not only are you proud of what you do, you have a deep “why” behind what you do.  When people talk about being “authentic”, a lot of it comes back to the “why”.  So for you, it is imperative that the visuals for your business are at the same level of excellence as the products and services you offer.

7. You understand social media is a marketing tool

Social media should be exactly that: social.  You post regularly, you interact and engage with your followers, and you actively want to move the conversation offline – either to your physical location, their inbox, or personal conversation.

This takes consistency, which means you use images regularly.  Therefore, you have reason to invest in custom, on-brand images for your brand.

Odds are, if you read this far, you have probably been nodding your head to at least some of these signs that you’re ready for personal brand photos, right?  

But you’ve never really liked having your picture taken at all, and the idea of having an entire photo session all about you and your business seems overwhelming.  

Go back to your why.  There’s a reason you’re thinking you should do this.  And when you work with me, I take the time to help you define your brand vision.  I work to understand those intimate details about what you want people to feel when they think of your business.  I want to know your ideal client avatar so we can plan photos that speak to them.

When you have a plan that aligns with your why , well, a photo shoot becomes something fun and enjoyable.

And if you’re thinking about the cost, that’s exactly why I offer a subscription plan that provides you with a consistent stream of custom, on-brand images for one low monthly price.  When you invest in branding photos, you invest in your business and yourself. You’re betting money on YOU. And ultimately, people are more likely to invest in you when you look like you invest in yourself.

Some people spend more on their car payments than the monthly costs of having a year’s worth of on-brand images for their business! I work with you to make it as affordable as possible without sacrificing the custom nature of truly professional images.

So, what are the images that you’re starting to think of to represent your personal brand?  I’d love to talk about it.  Every one of my sessions starts with a free brand assessment.  So there’s no risk in having a conversation with me. 

I’d love to help you share your superpowers with the world. Reach out via my contact form, and let’s start planning to elevate your brand visuals!

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